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The Portable OAASDM -- now in MIscellaneous Evil! Congratulations to EarMouse, VillainSource's June '08 Villain of the Month!

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After a brief hiatus, VillainSupply has been retooled, reworked and revilified into, your online source for everything EVIL™.

Feel free to peruse our catalog (once we rule the world, you'll never feel free again). Browse our exclusive selection of deadly merchandise by selecting one of the categories on the left.

We have the best prices* and we guarantee delivery.** You'll never order from anyone else again!***

*The best prices for US. Not so good for you.
**Guarantee not guaranteed. Actually, we may just keep your money and send you nothing!
***Because we'll kill you if you do.

Clearance Sale: "Hillary for President" signs

Hillary signsThe Hillary Clinton for President campaign is now making available for sale over 250,000 unused "Hillary for President" signs.

Why would you want them? We don't know. But they're for sale, they're cheap, and they're EVIL. So we've got them.

Price: US$12.00 per thousand CHEAP!!

Quantity: Add To Cart

A Message From The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele, Webmaster of

The Preserved Brain of Josef MengeleBack in the days when I had a face, and a body, and genitals, we could never have predicted the invention of the Internet. Why, in my day computers were nothing but rooms full of vacuum tubes that occasionally gained sentience and tried to overthrow college campuses.

Today, of course, computers are essential to Evil. And I'm not talking about everyday, banal evil -- like spam, viruses, automated phone answering systems, Window OS or World of Warcraft -- I mean serious EVIL. Try running a worldwide conspiracy to overthrow all "legitimate" governments and replace them with a murderous techno-dictatorship without computers. (The League of Evil Luddites is trying. They're idiots.)

The Internet not only helps you purchase necessary supplies and technology; it also helps you reach out to other like-minded individuals, to form cabals and share experiences. Where once supervillains operated on their own, lurking alone and disconnected from their remote castles and secret island bases, now superpowered megalomaniacs can communicate over the Internet.

Which makes it ever so easy for us to find you and kill you.

See you next month! Well, not "see." I have no eyes. You know what I mean.

Shopping at VillainSource is so easy, even a henchman can do it!

ShippingLairs & Bases: Custom hideouts for villains of all incomes.
Traps & Torture: Because the good guys won't punish themselves.
Henchperson Gear: Everything your lackeys are lacking.
Small & Medium Arms: Back up your threats with the finest in weaponry.
Heavy Arms: When a pistol won't send the message, go for a bigger stamp.
Superweapons: Hold cities hostage. Terrorize populations.
Doomsday Devices: The final option. We sell in bulk.
Superpowers: When you can't count on underlings, we'll help you DIY.
Miscellaneous Evil: If it's not here, you can't buy it.
Mengele Medical: Because humans make much more accurate guinea pigs than do guinea pigs. is owned and operated by World Domination LLC, a consortium of organizations devoted to the consolidation of global capital by a single cabal or individual. Member organizations include The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberger Group, Alternative 3, The World Zionist Conspiracy, VilAnon, The International Union of Mad Scientists, Majestic-12, World Freemasonry, SMERSH/The Second Soviet, Switzerland, The Arctic Nazis, The Hellfire Club, Price/Waterhouse/Coopers, Sanrio, Archer/Daniels/Midland, Dr. DeSpayr, The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex, and Amway. ©2008 A.D. (-17 N.W.O.) World Domination LLC. Contact us, if you must waste our time:

Privacy Policy: VillainSource reserves the right to obtain the e-mail address, name, location, blood type, political affiliation, dirty sexual secrets, and any other information of any kind about every visitor to this site, with or without their so-called "permission." We own you. However, VillainSource and its parent cabal, World Domination LLC, will never share this information with any other person, cabal, corporation, or entity. It's ours. Our own. Our precious.

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