It warms our heart to read something like this. Well, it would warm our heart, except long ago we replaced all our blood with a proprietary Cryosuspension Blood Replacement Fluid, which maintains our body temperature at a life-extending 62° Fahrenheit.

This ordinary citizen has devised a murderous rampaging robot to terrorize the local populace.

CNN, being a tool of the Reptilloid/Vatican Bank/House of Windsor conspiracy, tries to cast this inspired insanity as a “crime prevention.” In fact, this lunatic is is doing nothing but promoting terror against the less-advantaged.


He reminds us of ourself when we were young, rampaging through the forests of South America in our Robot Colossus.  Let’s hope this man’s evil is properly nurtured, so he can graduate to destroying cities.

We Are DeSpayr.

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The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele, webmaster of, informs us that the site has been updated for the month of June.

You will find three new products, a new Villain of the Month, some new front page content, and a slew of error corrections.

The persons responsible for the errors have been sacked. By which we mean their remains are in sacks.

Also, be sure to visit the VillainSource forum. Form alliances, betray allies, and share your plans for World Domination.

We are DeSpayr.

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28  Mar
We are returned!

Well, after an enforced hiatus of several years, VillainSupply is back — as the new, improved Our subordinates in World Domination LLC are very excited as we enter this new chapter on our quest for Global Domination.

Excited, because if this new site is not as successful as the old, we shall order them executed.

We suppose we should introduce ourselves, as a courtesy to the young and the mentally feeble. We are Doctor Friedrich E. Despayr, MD, PhD, The World’s Greatest Supervillain. Highlights of our career include establishing our own South American dictatorship; murdering Atlantis Lad; extorting $1.6 billion 1970’s dollars from the United States government, to prevent us from shrinking the island of Manhattan down to 9 feet in length; and, of course, shrinking the island of Manhattan down to 9 feet in length.

Now we have allied ourselves with a cabal of inferior villains, for the purpose of Total Global Domination. The Icecapitator, Son of Mole Man, Violence Princess Ai, the Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele, and others have joined us in our effort to seize the world, or destroy it.

We are unstoppable. Prepare now to serve us as filthy slaves, or to die.

It was our custom on our old web journal to share what we were served for dinner each evening here in Castle DeSpayr. Tonight the chef made a Duck Foie Gras appetizer, seared and placed on a delicate crepe with fresh apples and served with an orange cassis sauce; and a Duck Thigh Confit in a green peppercorn sauce. The sommelier recommended a white burgundy, which we found a tad gritty. So we had him killed.

We are DeSpayr.

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