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A message from The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele, Webmaster

The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele, M.D.Dear VillainSource users:

Allow me to offer my most heartfelt apologies for the temporary unavailability of our e-commerce software.

Our e-commerce server, the OmniCon IntelliTron XII, was located aboard Space Station E-VI-L, the orbital headquarters of the Global Subjugation League. This facility was illegally boarded, without a warrant, by the so-called "Society of Lawfulness," who proceeded to violently assault the innocent henchpersons plying their honorable trade aboard that Station.

When General Mayhem, legal owner of the Station, attempted to reason with the costumed vigilantes, he was encased in ice by the so-called "hero" Dr. Freon, and is now being held against his will, in critical medical condition, at the New Liberty Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Needless to say, the "heroes" activated the Station's convenient, obvious self-destruct mechanism, and a US$20 billion dollar facility, devoted to science* and peace**, was destroyed, and hundreds of hapless*** henchpersons were killed. The OmniCon IntelliTron XII e-commerce server was also destroyed, and until a replacement is procured, we at will be unable to meet your villainy needs.

We hope to have the replacement up and running as soon as The Cabal of Despotry has their new lunar base established; they have promised room for our server. Until then, we suggest you try Wal-Mart. They're almost as evil as we are.****

The Preserved Head Brain of Josef Mengele

* mad science.
** peace through global domination.
*** actually, the henchpersons were aware of the risks, and had each signed a waiver absolving the Global Subjugation League and VillainSource of all legal and ethical responsibility in the case of violent death.
****Okay, we admit it. Wal-Mart is MORE evil than we are.They scare us.

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